Who is he?

Storko is a driven, up-and-coming LA-based artist (But from and representing Berkeley). He makes melodic hip-hop/pop and eye-catching music videos.

He started making music in his parents’ basement at age 17 quite on accident. He was lucky enough to be friends with Lil Shrimpy, a leader of the Berkeley musical movement. Lil Shrimpy chose to bring Storko under his musical wing and they released a few comedic tracks together.

Eventually, Lil Shrimpy retired from the music industry (as he pursued other business interests) and Storko naturally grew into the Berkeley spotlight.

He began collaborating with musical prodigy and generational talent Kaelen Russell, who happened to live around the block.

Together, they began crafting a new sound for Storko - something fresh, melodic, and unique.

Now Storko, with the help of Russell, is refining his sound, pushing musical boundaries, and looking to explode.